Digital Media: Co-Hosting a Collaborative Tweetchat Series



The Approach


Running from 2012 to 2014, #citytalk was a popular tweetchat series which I co-founded with Rashiq Fataar. A tweetchat is a scheduled and structured discussion about a topic, with questions, hosts and participants - and it all happens on Twitter.

Driven by a desire to speed up knowledge sharing, unearthing good ideas from the world’s urban citizens and sharing them with as wide an audience as possible, #citytalk was born.

This digital event was launched and ran during a time when Twitter had just begun to thrive among the online urbanist community. As one of the earliest regularly-occurring tweetchats, discussion was often bustling.

twitter on phone.jpeg


The Outcome


Originating as a collaboration meant that partnerships were a core part of #citytalk. 31 chats were hosted over a period of almost three years, and 15 of those were ran with an additional co-host.

We partnered with a wide range of organisations on co-host duties, working together to shape the chat themes and structures with charities such as Oxfam and Transport for All and multinationals like Philips and the Berkeley Group, amongst others.

Thousands of unique users participated in our 31 discussions, countless good ideas were shared, and the total cumulative reach for all tweetchats was over 20 million Twitter users.