Digital Media: How This Big City Reached Millions of Readers

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The Approach


This Big City is my blog about sustainable cities which I founded in 2009. Initially launched as a way to aid my learning while studying Sustainable Communities and the Creative Economy, my ambitions - and the site’s readership - steadily grew.

Encouraged by this audience, the goal evolved to telling the story of sustainability innovations in cities to as many people as possible. Urban sustainability was, during the site’s early years, a rarely covered topic in the media, enabling This Big City to grow into a project with a substantial audience.

Collaboration quickly became an important part of the project, with numerous guest contributions supplementing my own writing. Over time, my work evolved to include editorial and strategic elements.

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The Outcome


Partner projects in journalism and digital media were launched with a range of organisations, including the Financial Times, Next City and the New Cities Foundation.

The collaborative approach expanded into the editorial side of the project too, with volunteer editors translating some of the site’s content into seven different languages. This required content management system upgrades as well as a formalisation of the blog’s values, tone of voice, and overall brand.

This Big City has picked up multiple awards, including recognition from Entrepreneur Magazine and Verisign as one of the world's top 100 .net websites. Articles across all language editions of the site have been read over 3 million times.